Bariatric Advantage High Protein Meal Replacement Review

Bariatric Advantage High Protein Meal ReplacementThe high protein meal replacement drink is the perfect solution for the individual who is desperately trying to lose weight but has trouble preparing healthy meals, especially when following a strict caloric intake. Diets are difficult, no matter how you spin it. Eating right simply isn’t enough. You also have to carefully monitor your portions, or weigh your food. You have to calculate all those tiny calories that come from using cooking oils, salad dressings and even sandwich spreads. It’s tough, especially if you don’t have the time and knowledge for meal prepping or the budget that comes with purchasing hundreds of dollars of fresh produce each month.

Which is why meal replacement drinks have once again gained the spotlight as a fast solution to weight loss and as a way to maintain that weight loss for the long haul.

Bariatric Advantage Assessment

This product offers a ton of convenience for the stay at home parent and the working professional and the individual who is prepping for or recovering from bariatric surgery. Each drink contains 160 calories and provides a whopping twenty-seven grams of protein per serving and just seven grams of carbs, five of which are fiber and only one gram of sugar. This drink is also lactose free and designed to meet the needs of weight loss surgery patients by allowing them to safely lose weight and keep it off. Packed with twenty-three essential vitamins and minerals, this drink is also the perfect choice for bariatric surgery candidates who need to lose weight in a hurry in order to qualify for surgery.

This product is available in a wide range of flavors and stages such as the maintenance stage and bariatric stage. Some of the flavors available include orange, banana, chocolate and vanilla.

A hundred percent of the protein in these drinks comes from high quality whey protein isolate, which is free of soy.

Currently, Bariatric Advantage’s top selling flavor is cookies and cream and it’s described by consumers as thick and creamy, with a taste that doesn’t leave a bitter residue in your mouth like you can expect from most meal replacement shakes or protein powders.

Meal Replacement Drink Pros and Cons

Pros: This product comes in a large twenty-four serving tub and comes with a measured spoon that ensures accurate dispensing. Each serving provides you with twenty-seven grams of protein and is low carb, making it the perfect drink for both breakfast and lunch. The fact that it’s also lactose free allows it to meet the needs of weight loss surgery patients. Most consumers can agree that this product is the perfect pre-operative weight loss drink, with a taste that isn’t too sweet, chalky or bitter. The wide variety of flavors including strawberry, chocolate mint, coffee and cookies and cream makes it easier for consumers to stick to this meal replacement plan, unlike other meal replacement shakes made by the competitors which only feature a few flavor options. This product can be mixed with fruit, yogurt, almond milk, soy milk, water or even soup. For soup and broths the manufacturer also offers an unflavored powder option. This product is reasonably priced compared to other top selling meal replacement drinks on the market. While advertised as the perfect pre and post-surgery drink it can also be used by individuals trying to lose weight on the diabetic or ketogenic diet.

Cons: One common issue this powder shares with other protein powders and meal replacement powders is the need to blend it in order to enjoy it fully. If you don’t have access to a blender you can expect the powder to remain chunky and clumpy, making it pretty much undrinkable. In order to avoid this issue, toss the powder and almond milk or water in a blender and hit the shake button, stopping periodically to stir the drink and determine if it’s ready. Add some ice and hit the smoothie or shake button for a thick frothy drink. If you’re using this drink as part of your ketogenic diet, be sure you check out the Tin Star Foods 100% Grass Fed brown butter and organic ghee, which is packed with healthy fats that can ensure your body is getting what it needs for optimal weight loss results. One consumer stated that the unflavored powder had a sweet, almost vanilla taste to it, which was a huge disappointment considering they purchased it to add to soup. Another consumer felt that while better than some of the leading meal replacement powders, it still had a bitter, almost bland taste to it. To remedy this issue many consumers recommend adding a shot of flavored syrup to the shake before blending. Others recommended purchasing both the cookies and cream flavor and the vanilla and mixing them together for a sweeter, less bitter taste. Another common issue many consumers struggled with during their first week using this product was the fact that it failed to make them feel full. Most consumers can agree that the drink helps you to feel full for two or three hours, but longer stretches between meals is very difficult and the sweetness of the drink doesn’t help at all to curb cravings for sugar.

High Protein Drink Conclusion and Rating

No meal replacement drink is perfect and you definitely can’t compare this one to a burger and fries or a traditional shake. The first week will be a challenge as your body adjusts to a lower carb and sugar intake. Unfortunately, this occurs when you try any diet and it’s all part of the weight loss process. The manufacturer did a great job of creating a product that features only high quality protein and one that’s also packed with vitamins and minerals ensuring that you get the nutrients the body needs in order to thrive and remain fueled. Consumers who purchased Bariatric Advantage High Protein Meal Replacement gave it a rating of four and a half stars out of five for the nutrients, flavor variety and high protein content.

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