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Keto Diet Foods: Whey Protein Alternative

Question: Here is my issue (one of many) I don’t like the taste of protein or whey powder mixes. What can I add to a shake that will give me sufficient protein and still taste great? Answer: As an alternative to whey protein, Collagen peptides are a great way to add protein to your favorite […]

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Is Dairy A Keto Diet Food?

Question: Is sour cream (original) considered good FAT? ‘Is this food found in the wild?’ Dairy in general are they considered good FAT? Cheese, ricotta, milk, etc? Answer: Although sour cream is not ‘found in the wild’, full fat sour cream is keto diet friendly. Not all dairy is, however. Take milk for example, if […]

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Ketogenic Diet Foods for a Faster Ketosis State

For some people, being on a diet can be one of the hardest things in the world, especially when you don’t know much about cooking healthy meals or eating only diet approved foods. Ketogenic diet foods cause the body to produce small fuel molecules known as ketones. Ketones are used as an alternative fuel for […]

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