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Catching Ketones Keto Coffee Creamer Review + 25% Discount

I was fortunate enough to get to test Catching Ketones newest product, Keto Coffee Creamer, and what a tasty surprise it turned out to be! Check out my first taste video below and then you can pick some up for yourself with a 25% discount on Amazon with the coupon code: KETOVIPS 25% discount on […]

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Bariatric Advantage High Protein Meal Replacement Review

The high protein meal replacement drink is the perfect solution for the individual who is desperately trying to lose weight but has trouble preparing healthy meals, especially when following a strict caloric intake. Diets are difficult, no matter how you spin it. Eating right simply isn’t enough. You also have to carefully monitor your portions, […]

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Tresomega Nutrition Organic Coconut Oil Review

The organic coconut oil two pack by Tresomega Nutrition  features coconut oil that’s made from a hundred percent organic coconuts, giving this oil a more neutral flavor and rich aroma. Unlike competitors, this product by Tresomega Nutrition doesn’t use harmful chemicals in their refining process, producing a product that’s not altered by chemicals in any […]

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