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Thanks for checking out our Challenge for 2019! I want this challenge to be realistic and achievable for everyone who participates…

You MUST sign up to the challenge.

With that said I am thinking this will be a 3 part challenge, total of 90 days, but the first part being 30 days so we can attack it one part at a time!

With that said, just look at this challenge as a JUMP START into a true lifestyle change. Simply put if you do the challenge for 30 days or the full 90 and go right back to old habits you will end up in the same place as you were before. So let's all try to focus on kicking bad habits and realizing this is going to be a way of life for us from now on.

Please watch the video below where I explain how the challenge will work:

Also links to all sorts of resources “optional” are listed below the video!

Resource Links Here:

First off if there is only one thing you do buy this BOOK! I explain in the video why!

Shopping List
More Found In Book

  • Almond Flour
  • Coconut Flour
  • Psyllium Husk Powder – “Now Foods Brand”
  • Oat Fiber – “Anthony's Goods Brand”
  • Flax Meal – “Bobs Red Mill Brand
  • Erythritol or Xylosweet – ” I have used Xylosweet only because we had a 5lb bag lol. I love it!”
  • Liquid Stevia – “Now Foods Brand”
  • Swerve Confectioners – “in book they say they grind their own erythritol to make”
  • Sugar Free Maple Syrup – “Know Foods Brand”
  • Avocado Oil
  • Don't forget fresh produce from local food store or market, Organic Eggs, Avocados, Mushrooms, veggies etc…. meal plans are in the book.


Working Out & Exercise


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