Is Dairy A Keto Diet Food?

Question: Is sour cream (original) considered good FAT? ‘Is this food found in the wild?’ Dairy in general are they considered good FAT? Cheese, ricotta, milk, etc?

Answer: Although sour cream is not ‘found in the wild’, full fat sour cream is keto diet friendly. Not all dairy is, however.

Take milk for example, if you look at the nutrition label for milk, you’ll notice it has naturally occurring sugars (carbohydrates) so therefore is not good for ketogenic diets.

A good alternative to regular milk is an almond + coconut milk blend.

Full fat cheese is also a great keto diet food. Be sure that it is full fat cheese, though. Don’t get reduced fat (or worse yet, fat-free) cheese.

If ever in doubt about whether a food is keto friendly or not, just look at the label. Ketogenic foods should have close to zero carbs, or at least close to zero net carbs.

Net carbs are total grams of carbohydrates minus fiber in grams.

For most people, staying below 50 grams of net carbs in a day will keep them in ketosis.

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