Tin Star Foods 100% Grass Fed Brown Butter and Organic Ghee Review

Grass Fed Brown Butter and Organic GheeTin Star Foods grass fed brown butter and organic ghee are designed to complement strict diets such as the paleo diet or the more popular ketogenic diet. This brown butter is currently the only butter on the market that’s casein and lactose free and it can be used in baking and even fine cuisine.  Its overall rich flavor can work to enhance any hearty or rich dish.

Grass Fed Butter Overview

Regular butter is made up of a few ingredients: water, milk solids and fat. In order to make ghee or clarified butter, the butter must be heated to separate the milk solids and evaporate the water, leaving behind golden, rich brown liquid with a deeper flavor. Brown butter is made the same way, except it’s cooked until the milk solids have caramelized, producing a richer flavor.

Clarified butter has had almost all of the solids and moisture removed and it’s typically used for cooking for longer periods or at higher temperatures because doing so with regular butter would cause the butter to turn bitter and burn. Clarified butter on the other hand, will not burn and the flavor will not be negatively affected.

Ghee is very similar to clarified butter and is traditionally found in Indian cuisine. The difference between the two is that ghee is cooked for a longer period of time in order to separate all of the milk solids, evaporate the moisture and enhance the flavor. While it cooks, the milk solid turns golden brown, but it’s not darkened quite enough to be called brown butter. Ghee offers an incredible richness and it’s perfect for cooking or topping your favorite dishes.

Browned butter is cooked longer until the milk solids separate and brown. This works to bring out an even richer flavor. This type of butter is often used for baking and in sauces.

This grass fed brown butter and ghee product by Tin Star Foods gently toasts the milk solids to promote a better flavor in the ghee to develop. In fact, many consumers have stated that it tastes much different than other brands of ghee on the market.

Cultured ghee is considered one of the most traditional forms of ghee on the market. It’s the exact type of ghee that has been made in India for thousands of years.

Butter that’s cultured comes from cream that has been infused with cultures for two days before it’s processed into butter. This part of the process is necessary in order to break down the casein and proteins found in milk, in order to ensure a product that has a longer shelf life and one that can also withstand higher temperatures without burning. The result is a delicate, mild butter that has no salt and is made from pure cream. The ghee that’s derived from this type of butter is said to be much lighter and sweeter tasting. Which makes it perfect for cooking and adding necessary fat without the heaviness of traditional butter. Consumers have also noted that it has a much smoother texture than non-cultured ghee.

Grass Fed Butter and Ghee Spread Pros and Cons

Tin Star Foods 100% Grass Fed Brown Butter and Organic GheePros: Consumers love the deep nutty flavor and how versatile this spread truly is. It’s also the perfect choice for people who are following the ketogenic or paleo diet plans. This product is considered one of the top three fat sources on the keto diet, next to tallow and coconut oil. This spread is casein and lactose free, which also means it’s perfect for people who are lactose or casein intolerant and it works well to meet the needs of people who are on very limited diets. This product is also packed with tonalin CLA, which is a type of fatty acid that packs a major punch and one that’s crucial for weight management and maintaining a healthy metabolism. This brown butter ghee spread also doesn’t contain omega sixes, which is a big deal if you’re on a strict diet. Dieters can use larger amounts of ghee without experiencing the same health risks that are linked to vegetable oil and corn oil.

This spread can be used in every paleo or ketogenic baking recipe. Consumers have stated that the flavor is much better than coconut oil and olive oil. It’s the perfect topper for fresh veggies and is often used in the popular paleo drink known as bulletproof coffee. Consumers who are on the keto diet or paleo diet can also try Tresomega Nutrition Organic Coconut Oil, which can also be used as a healthy cooking alternative.

Cons: Consumers had complaints that this product only has a three month shelf life, especially considering the size of the jar. Others complained that the product doesn’t taste anything like butter. Another mentioned that when cooking with it at a higher temperature it has a tendency to become very watery and loose with an almost gritty texture

Organic Ghee Conclusion and Rating

The feedback for this product was somewhat mixed. As you have read, there are many health benefits to using this brown butter ghee product, however, what it really boils down to is taste. Consumers who have never before tried ghee were disappointed in this product’s taste and texture, while ghee veterans felt that this cultured ghee offered a richer flavor than other products you’ll find at the grocery store. So, what’s the bottom line?

If you’re looking for a replacement for your butter and one that tastes exactly like butter, you’re going to be disappointed. Keep in mind that there are countless health benefits that come with making the switch from butter to ghee including weight loss and heart health. While for newbies ghee is a required taste, in the long run you’ll definitely get to enjoy all the benefits this product has to offer. Many consumers can agree that Tin Star Foods 100% Grass Fed Brown Butter and Organic Ghee is also one of the best keto foods you’ll come by, and a versatile one at that. Consumers gave this product a rating of four out of five stars.

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